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"The days of waiting around the lot for customers show up is over. Nobody gets in their car to drive around to dealerships. They pick up their phone and search."

In order to survive in today's used car market you need a strong online presence; that starts with a powerful website. DealerClick has been providing the most cutting edge web technology for over 20 years! Our first sites went up in the early 90's and we've been getting better and better ever since! If you want to be able to have confidence in your web presence, choose an industry leader like DealerClick.

How It works

  • Test drive
  • Order your products
  • Installation & training
  • Sell cars!

A la Carte Pricing

With us you only pay for what you need. Here are some popular setups to get you started.


  • Includes:
    • Dealerclick DMS
    • Total Control Inventory
    • LeadMaster CRM
    • Pro Website
    • Feed Wizard
    • AccountPro
    • Integrated CC Processor
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  • Everything from the Pro package plus:
    • BHPH Master
    • FundCars Lending Platform
    • Collections Module
    • DealerClick DMS App
    • Send to Craigslist Tool
    • SimpleChexx module
    • SEO Package
    • Social Media Package
    • InsuranceClick module
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  • Everything from the Premier package plus:
    • Corporation creation program
    • DealerBond program
    • Lot insurance program
    • Business loan program
    • Personal loan program
    • RTO Tracker
    • LTO Pro
    • Wholesale module
    • Dealernetwork module
    • LHPH Explorer
    • Many more integratons!
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